You will be paddling on Lake Huron

Our number one concern is to make sure you are safe when you paddle.


Weather and water temperature are two important factors we consider before renting kayaks. Just because it is a nice day does not mean we will be renting. We also have to consider the wind speed and direction.  

The links at the top of this page include the weather information we use to determine if we are going to let customers rent. If wind speeds are 10-15 knots the water can be questionable. If we allow you to go out expect to get wet and have a tiresome trip. We will not send out kayaks in anything over 15 knots of wind. If there are storms in the area, we will not let customers rent.  

Before You Make the Trip to Port Austin

To Check current local weather conditions give Us a Call


We have a lot of customers drive from far away to kayak with us. If the weather is questionable, please call before you make the drive up to see what we are thinking about current conditions.

We cannot always give you a definite answer. Weather changes over night and from hour to hour. We will do our best to give you an idea of the chances you will have of getting out and paddling. We hate disappointing people that drive from far away and find out they can't paddle.